Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Christmas Break

We have had an incredibly crazy month! Thankfully we have had a nice 3 1/2 week vacation from school. Here is a list of all the big events that have taken place for us over the past month.

  • First week of December: Ryan's parents moved from Virginia to Ribgy, Idaho (about 15 minutes away).
  • Second week of December: Finals week!
  • Third week of December: Ryan and I traveled to Washington to take care of Leslie and Jesse (and Kevin a little bit too) while my parents spent a week in Mexico to celebrate their 25th wedding anniversary.
  • December 23rd: We celebrated Ryan's sister's birthday with his family
  • December 24th: Ryan celebrated his 25th birthday. I made dinner and dessert for everyone!
  • December 25th: Christmas with Ryan's family
  • December 31: Drove to Salt Lake to visit friends
We had a wonderful Christmas break and managed to relax some too. We usually prefer to stay home when there is a snow storm and we have not had a lack of snow this winter. We head back to class tomorrow. I'm sure that this new year will continue to be as busy as ever!

Decorating the Christmas tree.

Making a gingerbread house with Leslie and Jesse in Washington.

The finished project! We had way too much fun making it.

The beginning of the snow. We will probably see grass again some time in March. I may go crazy before then.

Ryan with his parents on his birthday.

Christmas morning