Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Emma’s Birthday Party

I’ve been putting off posting about Emma’s party, because I have so many pictures!

Ever since Emma was a tiny baby, Nathan has been telling me that her birthday would be a flower party, so that’s what we did!

Nana, Papa, and Auntie Leslie came over for dinner, and presents and cake.


Emma was, of course, spoiled with many presents!



I tried so hard to make this cake work, and I never could get it to look just like I wanted it to. I made up for it by making it DELICIOUS!


Emma definitely knew just what to do with it!





Wednesday, May 1, 2013

12 months of Emma

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Didn’t cry about my baby turning 1 until I looked at all these pictures!

12 Months

Emma Jane is 1 year old now and such a happy girl!


she waves, claps, dances, and scoots around on her bum.

She says mama, dada, nay nay (Nathan), barks like a doggy, meows like a kitty, and says hi.

She loves to sing and jabber and is very friendly.


She has her two bottom teeth and almost has a tooth through on the top.

She still doesn’t pull herself up, or crawl but she’s getting really good at scooting and she army crawls . . . backwards!


This girl loves to eat! She often finishes her big brother’s dinner after he loses interest and runs off to play.


Emma is a super snuggler. She loves to give kisses and nuzzle her little head into my shoulder.



She loves her tummy! I do too!


1 year stats:

weight- 20 lbs 13 oz (50%)

height- 29 in (50%)  head circumference- 18 in (75%)

Rainiers Game

Leslie’s school was singing at the Rainiers game on the 16th, so we all went to enjoy some baseball!


Nathan turned 4

Just a short 3 days after moving into our new, gutted, fixer-upper of a house (more on that later) Nathan turned 4 and I was determined to throw a party for him. I think he had a great day, but hindsight is telling me I was a little crazy!

Nathan is such an awesome little boy. He’s so creative and funny. He loves cars and loves to run. Ryan takes him to the track some times and Nathan will run around the track for miles! He loves counting and anything with numbers. He’s very determined. He loves to meet new people and isn’t afraid to talk up a storm. We love having him in our family!


I totally forgot to ask Nathan what he wanted for his birthday breakfast until late the night before when I was on my way to the store.Most of my kitchen was still in boxes at that point, so it’s a good thing he loves yogurt!

Nathan requested a race car party and had a few friends over to help celebrate. Unfortunately, our house was NOT kid proof at all (it still isn’t), so we kind of had to trap everyone in the living room for the party.