Friday, August 31, 2012

August Adventures

We mostly spent August trying to beat the heat and enjoy the sunshine.

The first weekend in August we went to the Woodland Park Zoo. It was fun, but a super hot day and I think by the end we were all a little cranky, hot, and tired.

The Tillamook Cheese crew was there so we got some fun goodies from them, including a scavenger hunt for Nathan to do around the zoo.


Ryan looks good with a mustache, no? And a gold tooth . . .


Yep, Nathan’s gonna be a lady killer once he can grow a beard!




Nathan with his favorite animal, the komodo dragon. He asked me, “What does he make?” I didn’t understand the question at first and then said, “You mean like fire? No, he doesn’t make fire. He doesn’t make anything.” Nathan still thought he was pretty cool, fire or no fire.




This was some sort of animal hole to play in. I took Nathan’s picture as he emerged and he insisted I take another one of him inside the cave. He’s so cute and I’m going to take advantage while he’s not rolling his eyes and saying, “Mooooomm!” every time I try to take his picture.


Me and Emma were there too. I was really regretting my abundance of hair on that hot sticky day.



Eating his penguin popsicle by the penguins.

We tried to do the whole zoo in one day and with little kids it was just too much! Next time I think we’ll pick the things we really want to see and skip the rest.


We also spent a few days in August on Whidbey Island with my family.

My parents rented a house for us all to stay in, not too far from the beach.


Emma and her Uncle Jesse


When we got to the house, Nathan quickly realized that there was bunch of toys to play with, including a tub full of cars. It didn’t take long for those cars to be strewn around the house. I’m used to watching where I step, but I think everyone else stepped on a lot of cars that weekend.


Nathan almost spelled his name with our Bananagrams game.


We had to drive to get to the big, sandy beach, but we could walk to a little pebbly one. Nathan and I spent one morning tossing rocks and gathering seaweed.


Ryan doesn’t get a lot of time off work, so he could only join us the second night there, after work. He rode his bike all the way from Seattle! We missed him, but it was fun for me to get to spend some time with my Nathan.


Why do I always forget that the beach in Washington is flipping cold?! But I STILL get a sunburn every time!


Nathan and Papa found a tennis ball.


Nathan and Auntie Leslie were brave enough to go into the frigid water.



I didn’t get any pictures of Emma in her cute bathing suit since she pooped all over it as soon as we got to the beach.


My Dad has this crazy rocket you fill with water and pump until the pressure makes it shoot into the air. I tried to get a picture of the rocket, but since my camera is slow, I got this awesome action shot instead!


Checking out Fort Casey. I came here all the time when I was younger, but it’s been years. I still get a little nervous walking up high and a little scared that some creepy homeless man will jump out of a dark tunnel.






I’m not sure what I’m doing in this picture. Maybe airing out my armpits??







He was in the middle of yelling “RAWR!”




On our way back down the island, before we got on the ferry, we stopped to play at a lake. It was warm and lovely compared to the ocean.


I thought Nathan might be nervous to go out in the boat, but he loved it. At one point, he saw Papa and Leslie swimming by the boat and said”I’m going to jump in!” He had a life jacket on, but I still made him stay in the boat. Crazy kid.




Nathan didn’t get ANY attention on this trip . . .


That’s a lot of big men (and one small one) in a little boat.


There’s nothing I love more than putting on a bathing suit right after having a baby.  Worth it to play with my cute little guy though.


Thanks Mom and Dad for a great vacation!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

4 Months Old

Emma is 4 months old and about 15 pounds. I love every ounce of her!



She’s sleeping great, and loves to sleep with her hands thrown dramatically over her face. I would think that she’s simply learning to protect herself from Nathan at all times, but I remember that when we had our 3D ultrasound, she was sleeping and her hands were in the way of her face a lot. I guess she’s just comfy that way!


Emma is a generally happy baby, but nothing compares to the way she lights up when Daddy comes home.


She giggles occasionally and on August 22, exactly 1 year after finding out I was pregnant with her, she gave me the best belly laughs I’ve ever heard! I’m still waiting to hear it again . . .


Nathan is having more fun with her now that she reacts to him. He loves to make her smile!


Emma still loves her bath and I’ve never seen a baby wiggle around so much the in the water. She loves to “swim”. Go figure.


She’s always got her hands in her mouth and recently discovered that her first two fingers are great to suck on.


She has fuzzy light brownish hair that sticks straight up on the top. No bald spots yet, but she does have the weirdest shaped head.



Happy 4 months, Emma!