Saturday, October 27, 2012

September Happened

I have become such a blogging lame-o. I haven’t had much interest in blogging lately and have barely managed to squeeze in Emma’s milestones. I don’t think many are reading this blog anymore, but for those of you who have stuck with me, I’ll be back!

Here’s some pictures from our September highlights.

On the first, Ryan took Nathan to a Mariners game, something he’d been wanting to do all summer (Ryan, not Nathan- although I think Nathan had a ton of fun playing on the slide there).


Emma and I stayed home because we’d already had enough baseball excitement for one year. The weekend before, we had all tried to go to a Tacoma Rainiers game together, but it was a disaster. We were late, we drove half an hour, we parked far away and walked forever with a baby, a heavy diaper bag, and a Nathan. When we finally got there, it was sold out and we had to turn around and go back to the car. Did I mention it was the last home game of the season? We felt terrible and wanted to make it up to Nathan so we asked him what he wanted to do instead. We told him he could do anything he wanted! All he wanted was to play at the park. We drove around Tacoma searching for a park and couldn’t find one. It was getting dark and the one simple thing that Nathan wanted wasn’t an option any more. We finally just drove home to Auburn and went to the grocery store to pick up junk food and The Muppets and had a late night snuggling on the couch with our babies.


So, a week later, Ryan and Nathan decided to try again. I think they had a lot of fun!




We drove down to Puyallup and went to the Puyallup Fair on opening day. My parents are only a few blocks away so we don’t have to worry about parking and can come and go all day. We go with the kids in the morning and back without them in the afternoon.


Nathan loved the little ponies.




Milking the pretend cow might have been his favorite part. Maybe because it didn’t smell bad. I had been telling him about the giant pig and her babies all morning and when we finally saw them, he said, “They’re stinky!” and wanted to get away.


Every time I tell him to smile I get this face.


Mmmm. Nothing like some deep-fried butter!


We let Nathan go on a few rides and he loved it!


The fire truck with Daddy.

I think his favorite was the boat. He was a little bummed when it ended.


The boat DURING


The boat AFTER



The spinning bear with Mommy. I may have had more fun than he did. We liked to make it spin.


Oh, yeah! Emma did the Puyallup for the first time!


And now for some September randomness:


I love when they love each other.


Trying out baby food for the first time. Not a fan!


The first hot chocolate of the season!




Monkey see, monkey do, apparently.


Homemade maracas, or “baracas” as Nathan calls them.


Fun with Nana


and a little fun with Emma too.

Friday, October 5, 2012

5 Months

Baby Emma turned 5 months old last week. She’s getting so fun!



Nathan in particular is having fun with Emma. and she loves him too. He loves to run to her crib and say “dood morning!” in a sweet little voice whenever she wakes up. He also likes to call her chubby chubby chubby which comes out sounding like “tubby tubby tubby”. It’s pretty dang cute.


She loves him too, as you can see in the video.

MVI 3577 from Ryan Bartron on Vimeo.

Emma is starting to get a lot more vocal and can squeal in a pitch that I didn’t know was possible for humans. She’s also getting pretty good at blowing raspberries. She somehow still manages to be cute and girly while she does it though.


This baby is a drool machine right now. I think she’s getting a tooth (Nathan didn’t get his first until 11 months!) because she wants to bite hard on anything that comes near her mouth.


Emma still has her fuzzy hair. It likes to stick straight up on the top, and goes from looking blonde, to strawberry blonde, to brown.

Underneath that fuzzy hair, Emma has a very bumpy head. It goes beyond the “I only sleep on one side” flat baby head, which she also has. I’m supposed to take her to Seattle Children’s Hospital to get it checked out.

For the last month, we have been thinking Emma was ready to eat solids. She acts SO interested in food, but every time we try she’s completely and utterly disgusted.



She’ll open her mouth for a bite, but not for the second one.


She doesn’t seem to think she’s missing anything, though.

I wouldn’t be surprised (or disappointed) if Emma decided to wait a long time to be mobile, but she is getting stronger and working on all sorts of smart baby things like rolling over.


Emma doesn’t sleep with her arm over her face any more (maybe it got too chubby). Now she pulls her blanket over her face every time she goes to sleep and I get to constantly worry that she's going to smother herself.


I don’t know where nicknames comes from, but my kids have some weird ones. All these silly names just come out of my mouth and sometimes, one of them sticks. Right now, my favorite nickname for Emma is “Chubby Muffin”. I think it fits. She, on the other hand, is a little offended!


We love our Sweetie Pie Emma!