Monday, December 31, 2012

8 Months Old and Some 6 Month Pictures

Sweet Emma is 8 months old now. She’s finally sitting up by herself which makes life so much easier for all of us. She has really found her voice lately and loves talking to anyone who will listen. She can most often be heard saying, “bwa wa wa wa wa!” I think, at 8 months we’ve finally reached the point where Emma will eat pretty much anything I offer her. She also loves to shake her head back and forth,particularly when she’s tired. I just feel like she’s always disagreeing with me. Emma is still as chubby (I like to call her “Chub-chub”) as ever and we think she’s the most kissable, snuggly baby in the world!




When Emma turned 6 months old, I had a friend take some pictures of her. I recently got them from her and wanted to share my favorites.

_DSC4055 web

_DSC4067 web

_DSC4070 web

_DSC4080 web

She still has super long toes.

_DSC4084 web

_DSC4089 web

_DSC4132 web

_DSC4134 web

I love that she captures the drool in this one.

_DSC4141 web

Oh the rolls!!

_DSC4143 web

_DSC4150 web

For whatever reason, Emma was having a really hard time that day and cried a lot during the photo shoot. I love these sweet pictures Nicole got at the end of me holding Emma and trying to comfort her.

For more of Nicole’s beautiful photos, check out

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Washington Federal Christmas Party

Ryan and I got to go to his company party on December 1st and it was so nice. It was our first time leaving both kids for an extended amount of time and I can proudly say I only thought (worried) about them a little bit. It helped that they were at home with my mom and dad.

As you probably know, I got a new dress for the occasion. I have to admit, I was a bit disappointed with it. I love the dress, but it’s too big! I guess there are worse problems to have but I’ve been working so hard to lose weight that I was bummed when I didn’t feel as beautiful as I wanted to in the dress. I ended up taking it in a bit (right before we left- I nearly pulled all my hair out!!) and that helped.


I felt like we were going to prom when I asked my mom to take our picture before we left.


Dinner was SO yummy!


On the Sky Bridge of the Convention Center, overlooking downtown Seattle.




I guess nothing really happened in November until around Thanksgiving.


We had a nice low-key Thanksgiving with my parents. Kevin came down from Bellingham, but we missed Ryan and Jesse.


Emma enjoyed her first Thanksgiving.


Even if all she ate was a spoon.

My Mom’s birthday was the day before Thanksgiving and we had a little party for her.

I somehow have no pictures of my mom that day. I know I took some . . .

But my cousin Sarah visited from Utah and brought her boyfriend Eric with her.


Afterwards, we all played a little music together. I know this picture is blurry, but I love it


Last week, my Mom’s friend Tricia threw her a surprise birthday lunch and invited me and the kids. We were late, so we didn’t get to surprise her, but in my defense, we were only late because my mom called to chat right as we were trying to get out the door!


Tricia has two adorable miracle babies, and they adored Nathan!





And  for a little extra cuteness- Here’s a baby in a sink!



When I went to post about November, I realized that I never posted about October! The post has been sitting, finished but unpublished for a month. I think I’m losing it.

I’m not sure when October came and went, but I guess it did.

I’m also not sure how I suddenly have 3 children instead of 2.


He sleeps in this tent almost every night.



We took Nathan to the Museum of Flight. He would have liked it more if he could have climbed in all the planes, and maybe flown a few, but he still had fun.


Getting ready for Halloween!





The finished product!


Here’s my little pumpkin!



Ryan got to dress up for work on Halloween day. They call him “Stats” or “The Mad Statter” so that’s who he went as. Can you tell he had fun? I have a feeling this costume is going to get better every year.


For the Trunk-or-Treat that night we went as a couple of bank robbers (shh! don’t tell Ryan’s boss!), a policeman, and a bag of money.


Those cheeks!!


Ryan ran the show.


Nana and Papa came with us.


Dad, you are so creepy! I can’t believe I let you hold my baby!


Nana the Nice witch.


Nathan’s costume was so pathetic. He wouldn’t wear his hat and I couldn’t find his aviator glasses, so he was in church clothes with a police badge. But you know what? People still gave him candy, so he was thrilled!