Monday, May 23, 2011

Random Projects

I used to do a really good job of posting all my completed projects at the end of each month, but I’m just not getting that much finished any more. I have, however, completed a few projects over the last 4 or 5 months that I want to share.

Remember the giveaway I did back in March? These are a few of the flowers I made for my winner, Sara. I have to say, I fell in love with them so much, I almost kept them and made Nathan wear them!


I started working on this apron ages ago, but had to quit when other projects came up and then my sewing machine broke. I finally finished it and I love it! It feels good to replace my old apron- a gift I got from my Mia Maid teacher! And now I feel like I have a little more sass in the kitchen!


My mom gave me this old bulletin board and I covered it and made it into a flannel board for Nathan.


This is a picture frame turned into a white board. So easy and fun. I want to make more!


I made myself this yoga skirt from this tutorial from Make it and Love it. It was SO easy! I never even had to pull my seam ripper out. For me, that’s a big deal. It’s also the most comfortable thing I’ve ever worn in my life. I want to make about 20 more for the summer.


(It’s so dang hard to take a self portrait!)

Now here are a few things I haven’t finished yet, because I need some advice:

Okay, so this HOME sign and I have a real love/hate relationship. Originally, it was white with a picture inside the “O”. It blended in with our white walls too much so I painted it navy blue. It just needs something hanging from the hooks, or something else to snazz it up.


I made these cute yellow fabric rolled flowers because my kitchen is blue and yellow. Now I’m just not sure what to do with them. I could make more. I could hang them, or glue them on. Any ideas?


We (and by we I mean Ryan) finally finished painting Nathan’s bed frame. We got the whole thing a a garage sale last summer for a great price. We were told it may have originally been a hospital bed. What can I do to it to make it look less hospital-y? Also, Nathan had already learned the hard way that he should NOT put his head through the bars, so I’m thinking I should do something to cover them. What do you think?


Friday, May 13, 2011

Random Nathan

I try to do regular posts of our family, but it seems I always end up with a handful of pictures that don’t really go with anything. I have a bunch of cute Nathan pictures that I just have to share!

I think these pictures were taken some time in the beginning of April. We had a nice day and decided to go out in our tiny backyard and create some masterpieces.


That evening Ryan brought his grill out to cook us dinner. When Nathan saw that it had wheels, he exclaimed, “TRUCK!” I had to explain to him that the grill gets very hot and that he should never touch it. So what does he call it now? HOT TRUCK. Every time he sees it.


Nathan was pretending to fall asleep against the screen door. Not sure why . . .


We played the “run around with a bucket on your head” game for a while.


Nathan and Daddy made sugar cookies together.


I made homemade yogurt popsicles and Nathan had a lot of fun eating his.


Lately, every time we leave the house, Nathan MUST wear his hat and glasses. It’s so funny! He calls himself a “cool cool guy” and definitely has a little strut while he’s wearing them. Also, notice the magnifying glass in his hand. For some reason that often seems to be a part of the ensemble.


Also, we took Nathan in for his 2 year appointment the other day, and he is growing tall and thin. Not surprised about that! He’s about 30 lbs and 37 inches tall.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mother’s Day 2011

I had a nice Mother’s Day this year, despite the fact that Ryan has been sick all week (we didn’t even get an anniversary celebration). He still tried to make the day special for me. The boys presented me with a yummy smelling candle and a homemade card in the morning. Nathan was so excited to give it to me.



Nap + foot soak + chocolate + 2 great guys = 1 happy momma!


You can tell he really can’t get enough of me, right?

(Check out last year’s Mother’s Day picture. I see a common theme and I’m not sure I like it!)


Yummy, yummy chocolate mousse.


We all had a hard time waiting for it to be ready.




I love being Nathan’s Mom!


Monday, May 2, 2011

Escape to Florence

No, not Florence, Italy. Although that would have been a wonderful vacation as well! We live about an hour away from Florence, on the Oregon coast. We desperately needed to get out of the house and make some happy memories, so we threw caution to the wind, disregarded the fact that we have no income, and went on a little vacation. It was a short trip. We left on the 19th and came home on the 20th, but it was wonderful! We’ve NEVER gone on vacation just for the heck of it before. NEVER! We travel to visit family a lot but this was our first real vacation.

The ocean was beautiful and blue.


We got the Florence before we could check in to the hotel, so we drove out to the Sea Lion Caves.


This, ladies and gentlemen (are there actually any gentlemen reading my blog?!), is the world’s largest sea lion cave. Can you see them? The rocks are covered. Nathan wasn’t too sure about all the “dinosaurs” and I wasn’t too sure about the smell, but overall, it was pretty cool!




Some nice girls took a family picture for us.



This is the view from our hotel room! Amazing!


Room service is just getting younger and younger these days.


We had some lunch on the balcony, then spent the afternoon on the beach, despite the crazy wind.




Happy Birthday Alex!


It was sunny and beautiful, but remember, we’re in Oregon, so it was also freakishly cold.


The hotel


Living in the lap of luxury in his queen-sized bed.



The hotel had an indoor pool with a kids area that we decided to take advantage of. Apparently we were the only ones, which is fine by me because the less people that see me in a bathing suit, the better!


Nathan was timid at first . . .


but after a while we had a hard time keeping up with him so he wouldn’t just jump in and drown.



When we got back to the hotel, Nathan got right down to business making some phone calls. This was his absolute favorite thing on the trip! Ryan really likes this picture because you can see Nathan’s shoes and pants discarded in the background. He says it looks like Nathan came home from a long day at work, got comfortable, grabbed a binky, and started talking on the phone.


Our room had a full kitchen so Ryan made us a yummy dinner- complete with easy mac for Nathan.


The sun is in my eyes, but the point is- we had ice cream!


Speaking of the sun, we spent the evening watching it set and it was so beautiful! We took a ton of pictures. Here’s a few:






I must really be a Northwest girl, because I thought the ocean was the most beautiful early the next morning when everything was gray and wet.


We took one last trip outside (it was way too cold to go close to the water) before we drove home.


Look, Mom! Birds! (He keeps calling me Mom, not mommy or mama. What the heck?! I’m not ready to be Mom!)




This was such a healing trip for us. The hotel was totally quiet and empty and the ocean was relaxing and it was just what we needed!