Friday, May 13, 2011

Random Nathan

I try to do regular posts of our family, but it seems I always end up with a handful of pictures that don’t really go with anything. I have a bunch of cute Nathan pictures that I just have to share!

I think these pictures were taken some time in the beginning of April. We had a nice day and decided to go out in our tiny backyard and create some masterpieces.


That evening Ryan brought his grill out to cook us dinner. When Nathan saw that it had wheels, he exclaimed, “TRUCK!” I had to explain to him that the grill gets very hot and that he should never touch it. So what does he call it now? HOT TRUCK. Every time he sees it.


Nathan was pretending to fall asleep against the screen door. Not sure why . . .


We played the “run around with a bucket on your head” game for a while.


Nathan and Daddy made sugar cookies together.


I made homemade yogurt popsicles and Nathan had a lot of fun eating his.


Lately, every time we leave the house, Nathan MUST wear his hat and glasses. It’s so funny! He calls himself a “cool cool guy” and definitely has a little strut while he’s wearing them. Also, notice the magnifying glass in his hand. For some reason that often seems to be a part of the ensemble.


Also, we took Nathan in for his 2 year appointment the other day, and he is growing tall and thin. Not surprised about that! He’s about 30 lbs and 37 inches tall.


trishaz said...

So tall, so cute, so styling! What a cutie! Can't wait to see you all again.

AlixSteele said...

"Cool, cool guy" I laughed so hard. You should post your yougurt popsicle recipe. I think Nathan and Hannah are exactly the same weight and height.