Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Mother’s Day 2011

I had a nice Mother’s Day this year, despite the fact that Ryan has been sick all week (we didn’t even get an anniversary celebration). He still tried to make the day special for me. The boys presented me with a yummy smelling candle and a homemade card in the morning. Nathan was so excited to give it to me.



Nap + foot soak + chocolate + 2 great guys = 1 happy momma!


You can tell he really can’t get enough of me, right?

(Check out last year’s Mother’s Day picture. I see a common theme and I’m not sure I like it!)


Yummy, yummy chocolate mousse.


We all had a hard time waiting for it to be ready.




I love being Nathan’s Mom!


1 comment:

trishaz said...

Your guys really know how to treat a "mama" right! Can't beat chocolate and a nap.