Friday, March 30, 2012


I just finished re-reading my Bradley book, and Nathan’s birth story (almost 3 years ago, exactly!), and now CJane’s feelings on childbirth. I’ve had multiple friends give birth to beautiful babies this week and I’ve got childbirth on my mind. I’m ready, and I can’t wait! Sometimes I worry myself about going through labor and whether I’ll be able to handle it, but then I remember how empowering it feels to bring new life into the world and I know I want to do it again and again.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Let It Be

The other night, at our presidency meeting, our wonderful Primary President mentioned the scripture about not running faster than you are able. I laughed at myself on the inside because I thought, “If I don’t run faster than I’m able, all I’ll do is lay around in my jammies all day.” I thought about that and realized that even though laying around in my jammies isn’t realistic, I could afford to let a few things go.

I, like so many others, often try to do too much. And I don’t stop until my body forces me to. So I decided that for the next little while, I’m taking it easy. No more worrying about all the little things. I pulled up my to-do list (can you believe it was a 2 page document on my computer?!) and hit “delete”. I didn’t delete the whole thing, but I decreased it’s length significantly. I’ve got seven weeks until this baby is supposed to come and I want to enjoy that time, rather than wish it would last longer so I have time to finish everything on that darn two-page list. Instead, I’m going to make a list of things like,

- snuggle with my (not so) little boy

- use that massage gift certificate I’ve been holding onto forever

- and bake cookies (because I just can’t stop)


I just thought all of you could use a reminder as well that:

It’s okay to say, “I’ve done good enough”


“To hell with the rest of it!” (try it! It’s invigorating!)


let it be.