Friday, March 9, 2012

Let It Be

The other night, at our presidency meeting, our wonderful Primary President mentioned the scripture about not running faster than you are able. I laughed at myself on the inside because I thought, “If I don’t run faster than I’m able, all I’ll do is lay around in my jammies all day.” I thought about that and realized that even though laying around in my jammies isn’t realistic, I could afford to let a few things go.

I, like so many others, often try to do too much. And I don’t stop until my body forces me to. So I decided that for the next little while, I’m taking it easy. No more worrying about all the little things. I pulled up my to-do list (can you believe it was a 2 page document on my computer?!) and hit “delete”. I didn’t delete the whole thing, but I decreased it’s length significantly. I’ve got seven weeks until this baby is supposed to come and I want to enjoy that time, rather than wish it would last longer so I have time to finish everything on that darn two-page list. Instead, I’m going to make a list of things like,

- snuggle with my (not so) little boy

- use that massage gift certificate I’ve been holding onto forever

- and bake cookies (because I just can’t stop)


I just thought all of you could use a reminder as well that:

It’s okay to say, “I’ve done good enough”


“To hell with the rest of it!” (try it! It’s invigorating!)


let it be.


AlixSteele said...

I love it. It's so hard to do that, but so essential to our happiness. Thanks for the reminer.

trishaz said...

Oh so wise at such a young age! You found the secret formula to enjoying life! I always kept in mind a saying I heard over the years....Dirty floors, unmade beds, etc. will keep/always be there but children will not. They grow up and are gone before you know it. Prioritize that to-do list and if you think like I do, snuggling and cookie baking are right at the top! Love you!!

Janey said...

You are a wonderful Mother and doing an awesome job! Your children will be blessed.

Love, MOM