Monday, November 29, 2010

Big Boy Bed

I’m trying really hard to keep Nathan from falling out of his new big boy bed, but when I went to see if he had fallen asleep, this is what I found:


And a little while later, this:



It’s a good thing I decided to put those pillows there! Really though, the only spot he can possibly fall out and he decides to sleep right on the edge.

P.S. a Thanksgiving post is in the works.

Saturday, November 13, 2010


I realized recently that this blog is mostly about Nathan, some about me, and hardly at all about Ryan. I thought, “that’s too bad, because he’s a pretty cool guy and I kinda like him.” So, here’s what Ryan’s been up to.

I’m not sure all of you know, but after Ryan finished his first year in the Economics PhD program here at the University of Oregon, he made the decision to switch into the Masters program instead. In other words, we went from having 4 (+) more years of school left to just 9 months! Talk about crazy! I still don’t think I can wrap my mind around the fact that he will be done in March! That’s less than 5 months, people! Anyway, so far this school year has been amazingly better than the last. This was definitely the right choice for our family and I am so proud of Ryan.

When Ryan is not focusing on school, he loves baseball. He enjoyed watching the playoffs and the World Series (especially since his precious Braves made it so far this year). He loves baseball a whole lot. But I’m not jealous or anything. He’s also getting really passionate about cycling. I’m glad since he rides his bike 5 miles to campus (and 5 miles back) everyday.

Of course, he also finds time to be a primary teacher, a great dad, and a wonderful husband. He’s always willing to go out and buy me ice cream when I’ve had a bad day. He even surprised me with flowers not too long ago. He rode his bike and carried a bouquet at the same time. Now that’s one talented guy!