Thursday, August 30, 2012

4 Months Old

Emma is 4 months old and about 15 pounds. I love every ounce of her!



She’s sleeping great, and loves to sleep with her hands thrown dramatically over her face. I would think that she’s simply learning to protect herself from Nathan at all times, but I remember that when we had our 3D ultrasound, she was sleeping and her hands were in the way of her face a lot. I guess she’s just comfy that way!


Emma is a generally happy baby, but nothing compares to the way she lights up when Daddy comes home.


She giggles occasionally and on August 22, exactly 1 year after finding out I was pregnant with her, she gave me the best belly laughs I’ve ever heard! I’m still waiting to hear it again . . .


Nathan is having more fun with her now that she reacts to him. He loves to make her smile!


Emma still loves her bath and I’ve never seen a baby wiggle around so much the in the water. She loves to “swim”. Go figure.


She’s always got her hands in her mouth and recently discovered that her first two fingers are great to suck on.


She has fuzzy light brownish hair that sticks straight up on the top. No bald spots yet, but she does have the weirdest shaped head.



Happy 4 months, Emma!



Liz Wilcken said...

That's like 240 ounces! Unless I'm way bad at math. (Which I usually am.) She is so cute. Just about the cutest kid in primary...except for those Wilcken kids. ;)

Melinda said...

She's a doll, I can't believe how chubby she's gotten just since we took pictures! Weird shape head?? I don't see it! :)