Wednesday, September 17, 2008

There Really IS a Baby in There!

I went to the doctor today and Ryan and I got to see our baby! This picture is kind of hard to see on the screen but I am still really excited about it. I am twelve weeks along and my due date is April 2. I really hope I don't have an April Fools Day baby but I won't complain if it comes a little early. If you can't tell, the baby is laying on it's back. It's huge head is on the left and it's bottom is on the right. We also got to see it's little heartbeat. It reminded me a little bit of ET when he gets sad and his heart glows through his body and flutters a lot. It was still really fun though! Yay! for the first time I really believe that I am carrying a real, live baby.


pbidaho said...

Wow! First pictures! You had to know something was causing all that trouble!! Thanks for posting the picture so we can see it and enjoy the development. Take care and love to all three of you. Mom Bartron

Rabideau Family said...

congratulations guys!!!

i am so happy for you both! you are going to make the BEST parents.

it was good chatting with you for a few minutes, heather!

Mike & Heidi said...

Isn't it so neat to see that little baby. It's crazy to think that it is inside of you. It's a neat experience. I really am just so excited for you two!