Wednesday, March 11, 2009

An Ode to Belly Buttons

Any of you who have been pregnant before understand that pregnancy often leads to the loss of your belly button. This has certainly been the case with my pregnancy. Ryan likes to sing this song to me often to remind me of this awkward fact.

I also found this interesting poem on a blog.

Gregory K. 

My belly center’s really bare:
My belly button isn’t there!
I got no innie, got no outie.
Every day it makes me pouty.

I wouldn’t mind a belly snap,
A zipper, hook, or belly flap.
Still, most of all, I’d like a button,
But sad to say, friend, I got nuttin’.

Please, people! Don't ever take your belly button for granted!

By the way, I went to the doctor today and she actually said that she was surprised to see me back this week. So, even though I am not due for another 3 weeks, don't be surprised if this baby comes sooner than that!

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Melinda said...

Haha that song is so funny! I not only lose my belly button, but it turns into an outtie eventually as well! nice! I hope you have that boy soon! Good luck, I'll be thinking about you!