Friday, October 2, 2009

6 months old!

I think I say this every month, but I really can't believe how fast Nathan is growing up! I can't believe we are celebrating his half birthday today! Time goes so quickly. All I have to do is double this time and I have a 1 year old! Whoa. Here's what Nathan has been up to:

Nathan loves to talk. He says mama and baba and sometimes he mixes them to make his own word: babm babm. He loves to chatter to himself and his toys and make as much spit as he possibly can. He has also recently discovered how entertaining it can be to scream happily to himself over and over. It is so cute. He scrunches up his face and squeezes his little fists and shakes and screams. Sacrament meeting is about to get really fun.

Nathan can roll from his tummy to his back (we can't do tummy time any more because he automatically rolls over) and he is SO close to rolling from his back to his tummy. He is also almost able to sit up by himself. Almost. He has really strong legs and if he had better control over his body I bet he would be able to stand up holding on to the couch or something.

Nathan loves hands and feet and faces. He has learned how to pinch and scratch things. His favorite place to put his hands is inside my mouth. Occasionally, if I am rocking him, he won't go to sleep unless his fingers are in my mouth. weird kid.

Speaking of sleep, Nathan still sleeps long hours at night and (usually) he does a really great job of falling asleep on his own. Occasionally he just doesn't want to or I want to rock him because I need a good snuggle.

Nathan loves his baby food and will eat just about anything we offer him. The kid must have hollow legs because I don't think he is ever full. I'm going to be in trouble when he is a teenager!

Something funny we discovered about Nathan when we moved to this house is that he is deathly afraid of . . .arms!!! From certain places in the living room you can see across the dining room and into the kitchen just a little bit. One night I was in the living room with Nathan and Ryan was stirring something at the stove. All Nathan could see was his arm stirring. He was hysterical. The poor child was terrified! We tried it again later (we are cruel parents) just to make sure, and he was terrified again. It's sad, but SO funny!

I am interested to see how much Nathan weighs now but because of our move the soonest I could get a 6 month appointment for him was the end of October. I think he is slowing down now, although he wears size 12 months in some brands.

Sorry for the length of this post. The grandparents like it.


Sarah said...

He is SOOO sweet! Look at that smile!

Caitlinp said...

I can't believe how fast he's growing either! Lookin good!

pbidaho said...

I love the pictures! Look at those leg rolls! He is adorable!

kristie said...

What a big, cute, fun, adorable boy you have!! Boys are so great, and the eating thing doesn't stop (at least it hasn't yet for me) oldest son is always saying, "I'm hungry"

Beck said...

He's getting so big! He's such a little cutie. One day our boys will be good friends. Maybe they'll be mission companions, or meet at college. lol

Janey said...

He is getting more hair and sure likes like his Daddy in these cute photos!

Scott and Sara said...

We all like it, not just the grandparents. He is so cute and chubby. I love the rolls on his legs. All babies should be made that way : )