Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Go Emeralds!

Last night we took Nathan to his very first baseball game. We got to see the Eugene Emeralds play! It was a perfect evening for a game. We went, not expecting that we would get to stay long since it was in the evening but we actually made it through half of the game. It got a little cold, and someone got a little tired (me, from chasing after Nathan!) so we were glad to go.


Ryan was so excited to take Nathan to a baseball game!


I was so excited that he sat still for a while.

I don’t think he really cared much about the game, but he like looking at all the people and making new friends.

One friend Nathan didn’t want to make was Sluggo the Bear.


When Sluggo first came by, Nathan was really interested and he got kind of sad when Sluggo walked away. I thought I’d give it a try and take Nathan down to see Sluggo face to face. Sluggo danced over and was ready to say hi and Nathan wanted out of there! I couldn’t help but laugh! I’m such a bad mom!  The rest of the evening, any time the bear came close, Nathan got a little wary. Even this morning, when I showed him Sluggo’s picture, Nathan started whining and got this freaked out look on his face. Poor Nathan! Poor Sluggo! He probably has such a hard time making friends. I mean, how many other green bears do you know?


I said that we stayed through half the game, but that doesn’t mean we sat through half of the game. After a few innings I took Nathan up to run around. Luckily, it’s a small stadium so he had a lot of space to run around.

Here’s a peek and what Nathan did at the baseball game (especially after we shared our smoothie with him!)

Emeralds Game from Ryan Bartron on Vimeo.


Beck said...

That looks like so much fun! Glad you got to take him out. :)

AlixSteele said...

Love it. I read Devan the part about Nathan still being scared of Sluggo the next day and he said, "Poor Nathan...poor Sluggo." And I said, "That's exactly what Heather said!" It was a pretty exciting moment.