Sunday, September 5, 2010

Fun with Nathan . . . and without!

Ryan finally convinced me that Nathan really is a big boy and that he needs a big boy hair cut to match. I had originally promised that Nathan would get his hair cut before nursery started, and since we only have 4 weeks left (hooray!!!) I figured we might as well go for it.


We took him to Sport Clips and he loved watching football on all the TV’s. I was nervous about how he would do since he hates being touched by people he doesn’t know. He sat on my lap and got really mad when she tried to put the cape on him but then she offered him his first sucker and he pretty much forgot about it. He was such a sticky mess but he sat quietly the whole time. I think he learned the word “sucker” after about 30 seconds and he’s not going to forget it. The only problem was at the end when he got a little tired and he started rubbing his face. This rubbed sticky sucker drool all over, which started collecting little hairs. Consequently, he got a nice, warm steam towel on his face to finish off the haircut. Anyway, we have a handsome big boy now!




After his haircut, we decided to take Nathan to The Science Factory here in Springfield. I had been once for a playgroup when Nathan was 6 months and he liked it then.


He loved the Tot Spot with the little ball pit and blocks but it was pretty crowded so we moved on.


Then he found the race track with the big wooden cars and he was stuck. He would have stayed there all day if we had let him! We did manage to get him to look at a few more exhibits but he was always right back to the cars. At least we know we know it was worth the trip.



Playing is serious business!


This weekend Ryan and I went on a fun date together. We went putt putt golfing! It was a lot of fun and something we had never done together before. Ryan won, of course, but I didn’t do too bad either. At least no one else was on the course so we didn’t embarrass ourselves too much.






What an interesting man I married.


Ryan made sure to get a picture of my poor putt putt skills.

Afterward, we went next door to The Roaring Rapids Pizza Company for lunch. The fun thing about Roaring Rapids is that it’s right next  to the Willamette River. We tried sitting outside but it turns out the bees love their pizza too, so we had to move back inside. Still, it was a fun, fun date!


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Pink Panda said...

How fun! Nathan looks so cute and grown up now! So glad you guys are taking the time to go on a date! That's awesome!