Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Christmas Post Number 3

Not only do we get to celebrate Christmas Eve on the 24th, we also get to celebrate Ryan’s birthday. He turned 28 this year and we had a lot of fun celebrating with his family.

His mom made her special French toast for breakfast and Ryan opened up his gifts.



Later that day, Janelle, Dan and all their kids came over for an early Christmas. We opened presents with them and spent some time with them that afternoon.


I found this great shirt for Nathan to wear for the holiday. If you can’t read it, it says, “Believe me, I’m nice!”


For his birthday dinner, Ryan wanted to do a Pizza Bar and it was delicious! We made at least a half a dozen different kinds of pizza.


Toppings and Sauces


Bob’s Super Meat Pizza. I think there’s a crust under there.



Yum! Now I’m hungry for pizza again!

We also celebrated with Cheesecake. Of course!


He looks patient, but I’m sure he would have downed that whole thing if given the chance!


Nathan got to “help” blow out the candles. Good thing, cause there were a LOT!

Christmas morning we finally had to wake Nathan up because we were too excited to open presents.



Santa came! Although, Santa returned that toy and bought a better one after he saw how flimsy it was.


This was Nathan’s face when he realized that his stocking was full of toy cars!






A mini foosball table! Sweet!


Speaking of sweet, here’s a small sample of all the Christmas cookies. Still, I managed to go a whole two weeks sugar free.

After Christmas we headed back to Washington to spend the New Year with my family. Unfortunately, I hurt my neck and back sitting on the airplane on the way home so I didn’t take very many pictures at all. I did get a picture of Nathan opening his new Toy Story comforter for his big boy bed.


I also found a few from Washington before we went to Arizona that I wanted to share.


Ryan trying on Leslie's white elephant gift. In case you can’t tell, it sparkles.


Mom and Dad on their way to a fancy dinner for Boeing.

We made it home just in time for everyone to get a yucky cold. I think we are now finally starting to recover from our wonderful vacation!

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pbidaho said...

Celebrating Ryan's birthday was fun - and it wasn't the cookies that put on the weight - it was that pizza and cheesecake!