Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Dress Advice, Take 2

So, I bought a dress. Dress #2. I was really excited about it and couldn’t wait to try it on. Horrible. That dress does not work for me AT ALL. Bummer. So, I’m going to return it and try again.  This means I need your help again. I went through and picked every dress that I was even a little bit interested in. I’m a little bit limited because I have a coupon so I can’t buy any of the boutique dresses. So, here we go again. And thanks again for the help. What would  do without you all?

Bear with me, because this is a lot of dresses and the best way for me to do this is just give all the links. Here we go. . .





























Thank you Thank you!


BriannEm said...

So I own two Shabby Apple dresses... and they both fit me well, but when I tried on ones like the tanglewood, the sleeves were too small. I think that the double rainbow and samarkand(my next purchase) would both be really forgiving in structure. The softer fabrics are more adaptable to shape. The fitted dresses ... I like mine, but I got to try them on before buying. Good luck!

Fox and Amy said...

I like the double rainbow and the Gray Fox.It's hard to order clothes online! I don't like how the models are all tall and skinny. Misleading!
Good luck!

Jon and Sarah (but mainly Sarah) said...

i like 8 or 13.

Scott and Sara said...

#4 or #8

Beck said...

I like #2, #8, and #13 :)

pbidaho said...

I think #4 or #8 might look good on you.

Melinda said...

I LOVE #4 (Tanglewood) I think its adorable!

Pink Panda said...

I love #2 and #8- so cute and comfy!

Kelsey said...

Okay, get ready...I wrote a lot!

1. It seems too frumpy and messy for the price.
2. This one totally looks like you!
3. This one is cute but it is not as versatile as some of the other ones. I do like the scalloped lines though.
4. I’ve tried on dresses like these and they really aren’t very flattering
5. I like this one. Also, the zipper kind of bunches in the back a little
6. I really like this one!
7. This one is my favorite so far. It seems like it would be very flattering too
8. I like this one because it is more casual, but still very pretty.
9. Not a big fan. It seems like it would be comfortable though.
10. I really like this dress. It would be good for church and for going out or wearing during the day
11. This one is really pretty too, but I don’t really have an opinion on it. There is just something about it that I’m not a huge fan of.
12. This one is very cute and seems very versatile. It’s pretty booby though!
13. I like it but…it looks like you are about to teach math or put someone in detention.
14. This one totally seems like you. It also looks comfy, but the fabric looks kind of stiff and looks like it might wrinkle easy.

My favorites were 7 and 8. Good luck! I won’t be offended if you hated my advice!

Janey said...

I really liked #4 Tanglewood, but you already have a brown dress. I think #8 MaunaKea would look good on you because it has a fitted waist - nice color too. I really liked Bali Hai #6 (for myself too)and the color is gorgeous! Whatever you choose you will be beautiful!!