Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Party Time

This year, because I’m crazy, we had 2 birthday parties for Nathan. We had a friend party the week before his birthday because his birthday fell on the same weekend as General Conference. We had another party on his birthday with family.

Nathan’s friend party was Pirate themed. Nathan loves pirates and has been known to randomly shout out a resounding, “ARRR!”

He had a few friends over for lunch and pirate cupcakes.








The weekend of Nathan’s birthday was jammed packed with fun. Nana and Papa and Auntie Leslie came down from Washington to help us celebrate.



We went to Sweety’s for frozen yogurt on Friday night. Serve yourself and over 50 toppings can be very dangerous.

On our way home, I asked Nathan if Nana, Papa, and Leslie could sleep at our house so they would be there for his birthday. We hadn’t really talked about it much yet. His eyes lit up and he looked at me and said, “CAKE?!” He’s a quick learner.

Saturday was Nathan’s birthday and we spent the day eating Nathan’s favorite foods, letting Nathan open presents, and watching General Conference.

He got a table of his own from me and Ryan. He loves to invite his toys to sit with him at meals.


In between conference sessions we went to Roaring Rapids for pizza. He was a little wary of it all at first.


I love his Mr Collins style curl on the side.

He warmed up quite a bit once he saw the games.


He also went on his first Carousel ride with Auntie Leslie.



It’s amazingly difficult to get good pictures on a moving carousel.

We took advantage of a little bit of sunshine to get a family picture on the patio overlooking the Willamette River. We’re so glad to be living in the beautiful Northwest again.


We all had fun, but I don’t think Nathan even ate any pizza. Oh well, the Birthday Boy gets what the Birthday Boy wants.

Even if that means drinking orange juice and milk at the same time. GROSS!


Nathan had a chocolate truck cake for his party that night. I was too impatient to do a crumb coat so we just said is was a dirty truck.





I mean, who really cares as long as it’s chocolate?

By the way, the recipe for this fantastic chocolate cake can be found here: http://bestfoodsforever.blogspot.com/




Nathan got so many fun new toys (all the noisy ones came from grandparents) including his very own tricycle. I would call this year a birthday success!


trishaz said...

He looks so much older now! How sweet! What a great birthday. We can't wait to see all in the near future. We will need to have cookies when this grandma gets there.

Beck said...

We have done 2 parties on numerous occasions, too. Don't worry. :) You know what's funny? Every time I look at Nathan I think that he's a brunette version of Leo...You know the hair and all that. :)

Larissa said...

aww happy 2nd birthday! Keeps getting funner! Wish we lived closer to celebrate with you!