Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Conference Weekend

I know it's been a while already but we have been crazy with midterms so this is the first opportunity to post about our weekend trip to Utah for General Conference. All of my good friends live in Utah so we are always looking for an excuse to make the 4 hour trip to the Salt Lake City area. Friday night Ryan had his mission reunion so we left after class Friday afternoon so we could make it on time for that. We spent one night in Provo with friends and went up to Salt Lake on Saturday. We got to go to the Saturday afternoon session of conference in the conference center which was a really special experience. Ryan and our friend Devan also got to go to the Priesthood session in the conference center while I got to have fun with my friends! We drove home on Sunday afternoon and we were exhausted but thankful for a fun trip.

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Rickard said...

Hi heddy and ry ry #2!!!This is Leslie I have been O.K. incase you where wondering and daddy is getting all the japinez stuff and I just wanted to wish you a happy Thanks giving!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!