Tuesday, October 30, 2007

New House

In September we moved back to Rexburg to finish school. I finally feel like we are moved into our townhouse. Here are a few pictures of our new living room. There will be more pictures to follow. Quite frankly I am waiting until the other rooms in the house are clean to take any pictures of them and it could be a while!

We bought the coffee table and the TV stand at DI and painted them black. It was hard work but they look so good!
The view of the living room from the front door


Jesse said...

Wow you have a nice apartment :)

i love you guys


Jesse said...

Yes i have a blog becouse i was trying to search for yours but i couldnt find a searching thingy so i thout i had to have a blog to be able to search and i put my age and location fake so no one would know that it was me

i love u