Saturday, December 20, 2008

It's Official!!

I know that I posted about college graduation this summer but I only walked with Ryan this July and wasn't officially graduated. Well, now it's official! I have now earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Theater and Speech Education. The reason I couldn't officially graduate in July was because I still needed to student teach (and take one more religion class) so that is what I have been doing all fall. I started teaching at Bountiful High School in August and finished teaching right before Thanksgiving. I taught advanced theater, beginning theater, and stage crew. I directed a one-act play and organized a showcase night for my actors to perform their projects for friends and family. For the most part, I enjoyed the experience although there were days when I wanted to take some of those teenagers and wring their little necks! Even though I have earned my degree, I am still not a certified teacher because I still need to take (and pass) my Praxis tests. I decided to wait until later (maybe this fall) to take them because they are expensive and I don't plan on teaching right now anyway. It is a great feeling to know that Ryan and I both have a college degree and I am overwhelmed by how accomplished I feel. I may never teach in a formal school setting but I am so glad to have earned my degree. I got to celebrate this summer with family and friends but Ryan and I went out to dinner this week as an unofficial official celebration.

Here's a little bit about my student teaching experience:

This is the article that was in the Salt Lake Tribune about our play "Hard Candy"
and here are a few pictures of my cast (yes, I recognize that many of them look as old, if not older, than me).

Painting the Set

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pbidaho said...

Congratulations Heather! We are glad to know you got your diploma! Now you can relax and wait for the baby to arrive.