Tuesday, December 2, 2008


I know it's been a few days already but I wanted to post briefly about our Thanksgiving. Ryan was able to get the Wednesday before off so we drove up to Rexburg on Tuesday night and stayed until early Friday morning (Ryan had to be back to work Friday afternoon). It is always so fun to see family and although we don't particularly care for Idaho, I think we both feel much more loyal to Rexburg than we do to Bountiful. We had lots of great food (I was really thankful for an elastic waistband) and just enjoyed relaxing for a few days. Here's a few pictures from our trip.

I try to get a picture of me and Ryan together, even if I have to take it myself. However, the height difference between us can make it difficult to get us both in the same shot.
Ryan always gets to make the mashed potatoes. Yummy!

Ryan with his mom and his brother-in-law, Michael.

The table
Here I am at 22 weeks. I'm not sure if I'm always this huge. I ate a lot that week. Again, I'm thankful for elastic waist bands!

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Janie Ward said...

Hi my Heddy girl,

You look so cute pregnant! I can't wait to come see you in person in a few weeks.