Monday, March 1, 2010

11 months old!

Nathan is 11 months old today. He has become such a big boy lately. He is finally crawling and he gets around really well. He also started pulling himself up and loves to stand all the time. He walks holding on to the couch/walls/hands/etc. I've also recently discovered that this boy is a climber! He wants to climb on everything, the couches, the changing table, the stairs (!!!), the desk. I think I'm in big trouble.

Nathan is ALL boy. He loves balls and doggies and cars, and he eats us out of house and home. He can say "uh-oh" (it seems a fitting first word), bark like a dog, make cars noises, and occasionally says "bye-bye". He seems to be always jabbering about something, whether it's in his language, or ours. If you are really lucky, Nathan might give you one of his sweet kisses. Nathan's big news this month it that he is finally getting his first tooth! He has been so good and I didn't even realize he was teething until I happened to feel the tooth poking through his gums.

We are having fun exploring the outdoors now that Spring is (almost) here. He's not sure how he feels about grass yet, but he loves to swing at the park and watch the cars and dogs go by. I've already had to stop him from eating a ladybug so I have a feeling we are going to have some fun adventures this summer.


Larissa said...

can't believe he is almost 1! so cute and big!

Janey said...

He's getting so big - I can't wait to see you both this weekend!

pbidaho said...

Oh, I have to wait another month to see him!! Love you also Heather and Ryan.