Friday, June 3, 2011

Another Day . . .

Have you ever seen the movie Groundhog Day? I’m sure you all have. That’s my life right now. Except, instead of waiting for a  furry little rodent to poke it’s head out, we’re waiting for much bigger things. And every day is the same old nothing. I was literally shocked to find out that it’s June. When Mother’s Day rolled around, I was sure it wasn’t coming for another month or so. Because all our days are melting into one eternal day. The same thing every single day. I think I’ve lost touch with reality a bit.

So, no blog posts lately because there’s really nothing going on over here. However, Ryan and I did get to do one fun thing recently. Last week, we finally got to go out and celebrate our anniversary (Ryan was sick then) by going out to dinner. We went to a yummy Italian restaurant and had such a nice night (all made possible by Corrine- thank you!)


Since we didn’t take any pictures of our anniversary last year, we tried really hard this year to get some good documentation, but we just really aren’t all that good at taking pictures of ourselves. Must be the height difference.


A cute guy WITH desserts? Yes, please!

And speaking of Groundhog Day, if you love Bill Murray movies you MUST watch The Man Who Knew Too Little. Funniest movie. Grandpa loves this movie. When we first watched it with him he tried to explain the movie to us but he was laughing and wheezing so hard he couldn’t speak. Check it out!


trishaz said...

You both seem to do a great job of taking pictures of yourselves. And days that blend into the next until a month goes by without realizing it - sad to say, but that just means you are getting older.... Hope something good and exciting happens for you both real soon!

Beck said...

Every day seems like the same day to me anymore...So I really understand about feeling like nothing new is going on. Happy belated anniversary, though. That passed quickly. :)