Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Father’s Day and My Birthday

After having nothing to blog about for the last few months, I’m suddenly completely overwhelmed with things to blog about! I guess that’s summer! Of course, I’ve been procrastinating blogging because I’m overwhelmed about everything I have to blog about, which just made the situation worse. Now, I’m diving in head first.

On June 17th I turned 25. It was a really low-key day but I enjoyed every minute of it.


The day started with Fresh Fruit Bruschetta with Honey-Orange Cream. Divine!

And it ended with Greek Chicken Gyros on homemade flat bread. Why is it that my celebrations always end up being about food?! Oh well, calories don’t count on your birthday (this is a FACT).


Oh yeah, and we also had a chocolate cake. I really need to meet my neighbors so I can start giving them baked goods.


And speaking of food, I got this wonderful new cookbook for my birthday and I'm loving it!


Since Father’s Day was just a few days later, we definitely got our fill of celebration. Next year I get to share my birthday with Father’s Day so Ryan and I are going to have to do something really special!


I made Ryan a new apron (since he loves to cook for me so much). I gave him an apron when we were engaged but it’s looking pretty gross now.


It was really fun to have these days almost back to back so we could spend the whole weekend doing nice things for each other!

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trishaz said...

Can we borrow your chef? Or can we come live at your house? Looks yummy.