Thursday, February 9, 2012

Two Trimesters Down

This week marks the start of my third trimester so I thought I’d give a little pregnancy update.

28 weeks close(28 weeks)


When I was pregnant with Nathan, I planned and prepared in a way that I am realizing I won’t be doing with this one. I just don’t have the time or energy. I have pulled out my Bradley book and Ryan and I are going to start working on the birthing techniques, but I’m trying not to stress myself out about it. For one thing, I’m going to have this baby at a birth center, not a hospital, and that makes me feel better.

I mean, who wouldn’t want to have a baby here?!

It’s warm and inviting and there is literally a lake in the backyard. Also, the whole place smells like lavender. My midwife, Nancy, makes me feel calm and reassured and I know she loves what she does. Even though she isn’t a member of the church, I feel the spirit with her more than I did with my LDS OBGYN in Utah when Nathan was born.

I’m a little nervous about the fact that I haven’t hit the “uncomfortable” part of pregnancy yet because I’m already having a lot of pain in my hips and not getting much sleep. Now that the weather is getting warmer, Nathan and I have been taking walks, which helps a ton.

This baby kicks and wiggles a lot, but not as much as Nathan did. She’s also way higher than Nathan was so I’m interested to see if I can tell when she “drops”. Nathan was so low I really couldn’t tell.

I’m getting really excited to have a girl! I’ve been washing all her clothes and getting ready for her arrival. As for names, we have a few ideas, but we probably won’t tell you what they are. I honestly haven’t thought about it much. I remember making list after list to come up with Nathan’s name. I was constantly thinking about it. But, again, I just don’t have time to prepare that way. We want to meet her first anyway.

I think Nathan is going to be a great big brother. Don’t get me wrong, I expect this girl to get beat up on a bit, but I also know Nathan is sweet and tender and excited to meet her. We have all been given names from the Cars movies and he officially named the baby “Snot Rod”. He loves to tickle her and “roar” at her and talk to her.

She can’t get here soon enough, but I know I have a TON to do before I’m ready for a new baby again!

*I was going to blog about the ice storm we had here, and I still might, but I’m just not interested right now.


The Hojnackes said...

I love that Nathan has named the baby "Snot Rod." Not to alarm you, but my doctor told me the pain starts earlier and gets worse with each pregnancy. Yay. Not. Hang in there, though- it's still totally worth it. Even when you wonder if it isn't (which I did occasionally). Girls are so fun with all the hair stuff, pink, ruffles, dresses, etc.!

AlixSteele said...

You look so great! My boys moved around SO much more than Hannah did. I thought that maybe it was because I'd had more pregnancies and my muscles were weaker. But now hearing that your little girl doesn't move around as much, I wonder if it's a girl thing.

trishaz said...

You look beautiful and glowing!