Tuesday, April 24, 2012

A Shower for the Baby

On Saturday, the 21st I had a lovely baby shower. Jill Petty, our Relief Society President hosted it and my mom and Alex prepared all the yummy food. They worked together did games, invites, and decorations and make it a beautiful, special day for me. I feel so loved!


Lots of yummy food!


Not to mention a whole table of delicious desserts. My mom made Pink Lemonade cupcakes in honor of my lemonade cravings!


Me, Mom, and Leslie

My lovely guests:


Wendy Jones, Gail Sampson, Susan Cannon.


Dolores Range, Gena Hafner, Beth Galati,


Na’Tasha Alexander, Jilly Petty,


(Na’Tasha again) Sandy DePiano,


Natalie Oaks, and Cheri Stafford.


And Alex, Stephanie, and Leslie. Joshua was the only boy there, but it’s okay because he’s baby girl’s future husband.


I was there too, of course!


Do I look ridiculously huge and exhausted? Because that’s how I felt!


So, do you think this girl is going to be well-dressed?!

I’m so blessed to be loved by so many wonderful people!


Andy and Alianna said...

Your shower looked lovely! And you have so many pretty clothes for the pretty baby girl! The clothes are what makes me crave for a girl...they are so adorable. You're going to have fun playing dress-up!

Pink Panda said...

Leslie is growing up so much! I love all the pink on the food and in the clothes! So fun!

Beck said...

Holy crap! That's a lot of clothes!! Looks like fun. :)

AlixSteele said...

You look so great in all the pictures. I know you were so tired, but you don't look it. I'm glad you got so many clothes. I hope you're feeling more ready for the baby. Let me know how I can help with any last minute errands to get ready. I can come stay with Nathan again, or I can pick some stuff up for you if there are still things you need.

trishaz said...

Looks like you had a lot of fun! Wish we could have been there and would love to be there now to help out. We send our love and will help with whatever you need when we come visit soon!!