Thursday, May 17, 2012

Mother's Day

Mother’s Day definitely takes on new meaning when you have a two week old! Ryan and Nathan helped make my day really special, though. My whole weekend, really! They went out on Saturday and left me alone to snuggle and sleep with Emma. Nathan came home with some tulips that he picked out for me.

Sunday morning was a bit hectic because it was also my first time going back to church so I was a little stressed about what to wear (NOTHING FITS!) and packing a diaper bag. Still, we managed to only be 20 minutes late . . .

Ryan bought me a beautiful Willow Tree statue. I got one for Mother’s Day after Nathan was born too. And me made me a delicious breakfast.

After church we had a little photo shoot.


Nathan is looking at the camera! I don’t even care that is tongue is sticking out. At least he’s not running away from me!


I’m gonna have a lot of fun dressing her up!


I love those little chicken legs!


After we all had a lovely Sunday nap, we drove down to Puyallup to have dinner with my parents.

What would I do without my lovely mom?!



AlixSteele said...

Happy Mother's Day! You have such beautiful children! I love all the pink! I'm still can't believe she's finally here!

Janey said...

What would I do without my beautiful, talented daughter?! Thank you for my beautiful grandchildren!