Thursday, June 28, 2012

2 Months Old

Emma Jane is two months old already!

She doesn’t have her 2 month appointment for a few more weeks, but she weighed in at 12.5 pounds just over a week ago. I love my chunky babies!



Emma loves to munch on her fists, but still doesn’t love her binky.

She’s been smiling since 6 weeks, although still not consistently.

She’s also been cooing since about 6 weeks but she’s a quiet baby like Nathan was.

She loves to sit up and look around and gets mad when she can’t see everything that’s going on.

We love our little sweetie and can’t wait to see her personality unfold!


AlixSteele said...

I want to eat her cheeks! I love the pretty girly diaper cover!

Beck said...

So big! And adorable!