Friday, July 20, 2012

June in a Nutshell

June went by so fast but we did a lot of fun things I don’t want to miss blogging about!
The first week of June Grandma and Grandpa and cousin Brytnie came up from Arizona for a visit. I did a horrible job of taking pictures, but I hear Brytnie took over 400 so I guess I’ll have to get some from her!
They got to go up to Seattle and have some lunch with Ryan. This was Brytnie’s first time in Washington so she had to do some sightseeing! They also took Nathan for the day. He got to go swimming at the hotel and see snow on Mt. Rainier. We all braved the rain and went to Flaming Geyser State Park.
You probably can’t really see the metal fish next to him . . . I told Nathan to stand next to them and make a fish face but he wouldn’t, so Ryan did!
I thought me and the tree looked equally lumpy, so we got a picture together.
Mostly, we all just enjoyed spending time together!
It totally looks like Emma is kicking Nathan in the face in this picture, but she’s not!
My birthday landed on Father’s Day this year, so we did Father’s Day on Saturday instead. Nathan helped me make Ryan breakfast in bed, and give him his gifts. Ryan’s first father’s day I made him a box with a note from baby Nathan in it. Every year we add a new note to the box. Some day it will be filled with notes from his children. I love it!  We let Ryan do whatever he wanted that day and then made him a yummy dinner and dessert. If you ask me, he was extra lucky this year because he got to celebrate again the next day at church!
I think Emma slept through all of this.

This is a bad picture, but we had mini fruit pizzas for dessert and they were YUMMY!
Nathan was a little unsure about the idea of fruit on a COOKIE, but finally decided he could handle one strawberry.

Yum! Ryan made these delicious blueberry scones for my birthday breakfast. I was conducting in Primary that day, so I made sure all the kids sang to me! After church I got the best gift of all- A NAP!
Nathan had a nap too.

We had my parents and Leslie over for dinner and cake, and Kevin was in town that weekend too!
Daddy and his kids on the real Father’s Day
Blowing out the candles on my yummy carrot cake.
IMG_3198I really wanted to eat the whole thing, but I refrained.
Nathan tellin’ it like it is!
Me and my girl.
I had a great birthday this year. Ryan got me a little mini blender for making smoothies and my parents got me a pretty little butter keeper. Yep. I asked for a kitchen device to help me make delicious, guilt-free smoothies, and one to help make butter more easily accessible. Oh well, I guess it will all even out.

Here in Washington, we didn’t really have any summer weather until the very end of June, so we were thrilled when we finally started getting sunny days. One of those days, Nathan and I spent the whole morning playing in our front yard.
The real baby stayed inside, but the toy baby came out with us.
I told him to “Smile!” but he apparently translated that to “Lick my arm, please!”
Drying diapers in the sunshine.

Here's a few pictures of Emma in June:
6 weeks
6 weeks and all dressed up for church.
2 months

2 months and smiley
I love her chub!
So sweet and peaceful.


AlixSteele said...

I totally thought that was the real baby on your front porch! What a good month. It's amazing how quickly they fly by these days!

Larissa said...

SO precious! Love the updates and to read about your adorable family. And yes sharing fathers day weekend with birthday is not fun - we should have our own weekend to celebrate all weekend long! (; Love ya!