Thursday, February 7, 2013

Primary Boy

Nathan is a Sunbeam now! I think he’s starting to decide he likes it. It’s been tough for him to leave nursery (and snacks) and at the same time change to 11:00 church and be in Primary in the middle of lunch. We’ve also already had stake conference and one sick week this year. I’m in the Primary Presidency in our ward, so I find myself hiding in the hall often, so he doesn’t keep coming over to see me.


(first day of Primary)

I think once he gets the hang of it, he’s really going to thrive. He has great teachers and friends (lots of little girl admirers) and he proudly brings his very own Book of Mormon to church with him each week. We spent the whole first 2 weeks of January playing Primary at home. We drew pictures about why Jesus loves us and he got out his “poster” for singing time. It always amazes me how much he takes in, even when his little body doesn’t want to stay still.

I love watching him grow!

This is the picture I took on Nathan’s first day of NURSERY. Where does the time go?!

First day of Nursery 10-10-10

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Jennifer Epperson said...

I'm so excited to see your kids! The last time I saw Nathan he wasn't even as old as in that nursery picture! How'll be great getting together.