Thursday, February 28, 2013

10 Months Old

Emma Jane is 10 months old already!


Here are 10 fun facts about Emma:

1. She loves her big brother. If she hasn’t seen him for a while (for them that’s like a few hours), she gets really excited to see him again.


(I know what this looks like, but he’s really not about to strangle her. Not in this picture, at least.)

2. Her favorite food right now is whole wheat Ritz crackers. She does a little excited dance every time she sees them.

3. She’s becoming quite social. She loves to wave and say “hi” and is perfectly happy to let strangers hold her.


I told her to wave for the picture. She got a little excited about that.

4. She loves dogs and knows hoe to bark like a doggie. So cute!

5. Emma loves to play peek-a-boo. She particularly likes to hide behind curtains. She also loves to dance and sing.

6. No teeth yet. Maybe by kindergarten. Still no crawling either. No standing, no pulling herself up. No rolling around, no army crawling. This little babe is quite happy to stay where she is.


7. Emma has the cutest crinkly nose smile and has started tilting her head way back when she smiles. So cheesy and so cute!


8. Emma has beautiful big blue eyes. I’m sure they won’t stay blue, but I’m sure they’ll always be lovely. People always look at me and try to figure out where her blue eyes came from. I think it’s typical for babies to have blue eyes, although Nathan’s weren’t this blue. Ryan has very nice green-blue eyes though.

9. While still chubby, Emma has definitely thinned out and lost some of that super chub she used to have.


10. Emma loves to take her socks off. She pulls and pulls until they come off. It’s really funny to watch her try to do the same thing with her tights.



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Larissa Nelson said...

SO CUTE! I hope we get to meet her this summer! XOXO