Wednesday, October 2, 2013



Nathan started preschool on September 10th. He goes to Busy Bee Preschool every Tuesday and Thursday morning, and he loves it!

Excited for his first day of school.


When I told him to put his shoulders down, he said, “But this is how I smile!”


Um. When did he turn 13?


Waiting to go into the school. I love his little excited face!


As soon as he found his cubby and saw all the activities, it was as if I didn’t exist. I lingered much longer than I needed to, but finally got the hint when I told him I loved him and he responded with, “look Mommy! OREOS!!”


The triumphant return!


We celebrated with a picnic lunch in the front yard.



We didn’t make it to the beach one single time this summer. Not the lake, not a river, not anything. I told Ryan we were GOING TO THE BEACH! We only live about 20 minutes from Dash Point State Park, so we really have no good excuse. Actually, we have lots of great access to the Puget Sound. We have to travel a few hours to get to the Pacific Ocean, but even that’s a doable day trip.

We finally made it to Dash Point the first weekend in September. I expected it to be cold (after all we were going to the beach in Washington, in September) but it really wasn’t bad and it even started to get nice and warm as we finished up.

We rode our bikes down to the beach and had a picnic before playing in the sand.

 IMG_5002 IMG_5003 IMG_5004

We found a picnic table right next to a chilly little stream and stayed there most of the time.


Nathan had lots of fun making sand castles, then destroying them with his cars.



    IMG_5008 IMG_5009 

This girl doesn't let scooting stop her from going anywhere

IMG_5013 IMG_5014



It’s a good thing I brought lots of clean clothes for everyone. She was pretty gross.


I just love that soft little baby head.



We finally ventured down to the waves right before we left. We were surprised to find that the water was warm! and we wished we had spent more time splashing. IMG_5021 


(can’t go to the beach without your pirate hook!)    IMG_5027    IMG_5031

Emma wasn’t too happy when we wouldn’t let her scoot away into the Puget Sound. Also, I just love it when he carries the diaper bag. So cute!




We love the Puyallup Fair! I’ve been going since I was Nathan’s age, and love being able to go back with my own kids now. The best part is, my parents live about 4 blocks from the fairgrounds so we can park (for free) at their house. Then we can spend time with them and enjoy the fair as much or as little as we want throughout the day.


Our fair day started off just me and the kids. We headed over in the morning to see the animals, and have some scones.

I also had my mouth stuffed full of scone, but I didn’t take pictures.


Nathan spotted a collection he envied.


Emma loved all the chickens most of all.


I told Nathan he could choose just one treat that morning. He was pretty sure about what he wanted from the beginning. I’m just glad he didn’t choose cotton candy. Blech!!


After work, Ryan met up with us in Puyallup and we headed back to the fair to do the petting zoo and go on rides.

We let Nathan go on a few rides and after looking at all his choices, he decided to go on the canoe, every time!


That’s how Emma does the Puyallup!


IMG_5071      IMG_5077 


I’m pretty sure i was holding her hand in this picture so she wouldn’t put her goat-germ fingers straight into her mouth.IMG_5080


Nathan tried out his farmer skills. IMG_5081 IMG_5082

Ryan and I left the kids with my parents and headed  to the fair one last time for dinner and some fun! We watched the hypnotist’s show, went on the Ferris wheel, and rode a roller coaster together for the first time!

IMG_5084 IMG_5085 IMG_5086 IMG_5087

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May I just say how adorable your family is?! I love how Emma's hair has turned a gorgeous red. :)