Tuesday, November 5, 2013

18 Months

My Emma Jane is 18 months old!


18 Things About Emma:

1. She loves animals, especially dogs.

2. She loves to play outside and often cries when she doesn’t get to.

3. She loves taking a bath. No one can mention the word “bathroom” without her scooting there and trying to climb into the tub. The other day, we went to a baptism, and the whole time Emma pointed and yelled Bath! Bath!

4. Did I mention she scoots everywhere on her bum?

5. She doesn’t walk by herself yet, but she’s happiest when she’s holding hands (or furniture) and walking along.


6. She’s a snuggler.


7. Emma LOVES to have something on her head. She has always liked to cover her face with her blanket when she sleeps, now she is always finding something to use as a hat or a headband, or necklace.


8. Emma still has her baby mullet, but her hair is getting thicker. It’s light brown, with a bit of red. She has beautiful, big blue eyes.

9. She loves to read. She often brings me a book and scoots into my lap so I can read it to her.

10. She has 10 teeth, and is grumpily working on two more molars.

11. If you say, “Silly Face!” Emma will scrunch up her nose and squeeze her eyes shut, making her funniest face. Then she laughs.


12. Favorite foods include yogurt, fruit, cheese, cereal, and carrots. She HATES mac and cheese.


13. Emma loves her big brother. Sometimes she gets tired of him climbing on her, but when they’re not together, she misses him.


14. Some words Emma knows: Shoe, balloon, cheese, water, icky, I love you, bye bye, Nana, Papa, Mama, Dada, Brother, book, hat, hot, bath, ball, binkie (baba), baby, hi, and a few more.

15. Emma knows lots of animal noises (most just growl, in her opinion), body parts, and how to SSHHH! if you’re too loud or pretending to sleep. She also signs the words, more, milk, and please, but that’s about it.

16. Emma loves babies. She can’t get enough of them. If there’s a baby around, you can be sure she’s patting it and trying to tickle it’s toes. She’s surprisingly gentle and motherly.

17.  She is super friendly. She likes to wave and say hi.


18. Emma loves nursery. She doesn’t cry a bit and is a little mad when I pick her up and make her stop playing.

We love our Emma Jane so much!!



Larissa Nelson said...

She is so cute! Happy year and a half bday! Big hugs!

Matt and Christy said...

She sure is a cute little stinker! She is obviously Nathan's little sister.