Thursday, December 12, 2013



Looking through my November pictures, it looks like a lot of random ones, mostly of Emma. So besides Thanksgiving, here’s our random November:

The kids and I walked down Main street to see the Veteran's day parade. It was cold and noisy and Emma wanted to sit in the street, so we didn’t stay long, but I feel like we can’t miss out being in walking distance from one of the largest Veteran's Day parades in the country!

 IMG_5329 IMG_5330


I could just eat these two up!


A messy baby and one of the last pictures of our nasty dining room walls.


Emma found a new favorite hiding place.


can you spot the baby?


This girl loves to accessorize.

IMG_5349  IMG_5351 


I think she’s even been practicing her model poses.


The other day she was begging at the fridge so I opened it to see what she wanted. She looked around and selected a big, fat Brussels sprout.


She gnawed on it for a long time and was really pleased with herself.


This year, we hosting Thanksgiving at our house for the first time. My parents and Leslie and Jesse (and Lucy, the dog) joined us. I think everything went pretty well, but I'm happy to do it at their house again next year.

Ryan always has a little too much fun making his giant apple pie.


Nathan decked himself out in his preschool Thanksgiving hat.


Emma found some accessories too, of course.



Our finished, but not decorated dining room- just in time for Thanksgiving!


We wanted a picture of us, but we looked so tired. So we tried again . . .


The big hit of the day was Thanksgiving madlibs. Nathan made us do them over and over.


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j and s (but mainly s) said...

I'm sure you get this all the time, but Nathan looks SOOO much like Ryan!