Monday, March 24, 2014

December 2013, Part 1

I know December happened a long time ago, but we’ve been without a computer for a while and I finally want to document all the fun things we did.


Nathan had his Preschool Program and he was so cute and did a great job participating and paying attention (mostly).

Nathan and Busy Bee Santa 2013

We had a packed December again this year,

We invited friends over for a cookie decorating party,


we decorated the Christmas tree,

IMG_5454 IMG_5458

We did some fun Christmas crafts and activities,


we ate a lot of snowman and tree shaped foods,


and I tried desperately to get a good picture of both my kids. It didn’t work.


Once again, this year Ryan and I went to the Washington Federal holiday party in Seattle and had a ton of fun. We started the day with a trip to the temple, then headed downtown for lunch at the Cheesecake Factory and some shopping, and finished the night off with a great party.  




We attended our Ward Christmas party and our kids wanted nothing to do with Santa. Emma wouldn’t even go near him, and you can see that Nathan only did it for the candy cane.


They felt a lot better about the Nativity.


We got snow at our house the week before Christmas. When Emma looked out the window and saw all the snow, she yelled, “cheese!” I think she was pretty confused, but she liked it.



At almost 20 months, EMMA LEARNED TO WALK!


Savior Supper




Ryan celebrated his 31st birthday on Christmas Eve. We had family over that evening for cheesecake and games.

IMG_0023 IMG_0026   IMG_0074 (2) 

Afterwards, we hung our stockings and left cookies for Santa.

 IMG_0149  IMG_0137

Then the kids had a sleepover while we got ready for the morning.





trishaz said...

So glad to see posts from the past! Love the pics and the captions. I know the kids keep you busy. Glad you got a computer working now. We love you all!!!

Larissa Nelson said...

Beautiful pics of everyone and so fun to read about your holidays! You do a great job keeping the holidays festive and fun! I def want to do the minute to win it games next year with our family but with so many kids running around it gets hard to do anything other than chase them around - so we will see! FUN TIMES! Thanks for sharing!!