Tuesday, April 1, 2014

February 2014

I admit I’m a fair-weather fan when it comes to football, but we all couldn’t help but get excited when the Seahawks won the Super Bowl!

IMG_0313 IMG_0489

Ryan found himself in the thick of the victory parade a few days later since he works right downtown Seattle. He even got to pass out balloons. Taking the Sounder to and from Seattle that day was crazy though and I worried he’d never make it home!

IMG_0497 IMG_0514 IMG_0518

I love a low-key Valentine’s day. I’m happy to stay home and spend the day showing my family how much I love them.


I love how this picture shows their personalities. IMG_0502 (2) IMG_0522 (2) IMG_0528 (2)

check out what Ryan found in the bottom of his cocoa mug that evening- a heart!


The Monday after Valentine’s Day was President’s Day so Ryan had the day off. He surprised me (first of all he didn’t even mention having the day off) with a special day. He made me breakfast in bed and took the kids to my mom in Puyallup while I got ready for the day.When he got back we went shopping and out to lunch. I had the afternoon to relax and work on some of my projects, then he sent me off to the massage he'd booked for me. I came home to a delicious dinner, happy children, and a clean house. We finished the night off with a redbox and yummy snacks. It was amazing!!

 IMG_0552  IMG_0556

Nathan had midwinter break in February so we spent the week doing lots of fun things. And also catching germs, apparently. We spent the next few weeks passing around pink eye and all sorts of other yucky diseases.

Playing at Wiggle works

IMG_0561 IMG_0562 IMG_0564  IMG_0566   


  IMG_0574 IMG_0575 

We had a lot of snow in february (for us).


This is what Emma put on when I told her it was time to go play in the snow.

 IMG_0423 IMG_0421

Other happenings include Emma sporting her first big girl hair and coloring all over herself and the couch with black marker. Never a dull moment.


IMG_0404 IMG_0405 IMG_0406

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Matt and Christy said...

What cute littles! They grow so fast.