Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Ryan and I were lucky enough to have a little vacation this last weekend. We went to California to visit my Grandma Betty. We were there from Thursday to Monday night. It rained quite a bit while we were there but the weather felt great to us (Grandma kept the heater on the whole time we were there). We came home to snow and temps. in the 20's and 30's so 60 degrees felt like heaven to us. Because of the rain we didn't get to do a whole lot of sightseeing but we did get to relax and spend time with family. We got to see my Uncle Johnny and Aunt Joan, my cousin Tommy (I haven't seen them in about 13 years) and his son Isaiah (his wife was home with their sick little girl), and my cousin Larissa and her husband Jon and their daughter Shayla. It was so fun to see everyone! We also got to go to the Huntington Library/Art Gallery/Gardens. Ryan and I are so grateful to have been able to have so much wonderful support and love from our family! Here are some pictures from the trip:

With Grandma Betty (my Mom's mom)

My cousin Tommy, his son Isaiah, my Uncle Johnny, and my Aunt Joan with me and Ryan (hopefully it won't be another 13 years before we see them again!)

Heathers (me and a tree heather) in the Huntington Gardens

Ryan hiding in the bamboo forest

The Japanese Garden at Huntington

There was a section about childbirth in the exhibit about how science has changed throughout the years. I just had to pose by it!

Heather next to the exhibit of first edition Shakespeare books in the Huntington Library

A first edition of Shakespeare's collected works. How cool!

Heather playing in Grandma Betty's backyard on the same swing set my mom played on when she was little. Trust me, this was an awkward thing to do at 7 months pregnant!


Larissa said...

It was so neat to see you guys! Hope you had a grand rest of your trip and looking forward to seeing you in June!!!!

Beck said...

Wish I looked as cute pregnant as you did! Looks like you guys are doing so well. Good luck on the next few months. :)

Jane said...

Hi Heddy,

Great photos! Yup looks like there is a baby in there! You always look beautiful to me.