Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Just a Quick Update

I just wanted to give a quick update about what is going on in our lives.

Ryan has officially finished all 9 applications to grad school programs. Now, we wait. And wait and wait. We should hopefully be hearing back from all of the schools sometime from mid-March to mid-April. This will be a crazy spring for us! Ryan has applied to schools in the following states: Washington, Oregon, Kentucky, Iowa, North Carolina (2), New Jersey, Tennessee, and Arizona. We will be moving this summer so he can start in the fall.

I am now about 29 weeks pregnant and feeling large. I wake up every morning to find that my belly button is smaller and my stretch marks are bigger. Yay! I saw the doctor today and she says everything looks great and the baby is healthy. He is very wiggly and tends to prefer the right side of my belly. I often feel squishy on the left while my right side is bulging with little feet and hands. I'm really starting to feel a need to prepare for labor and for welcoming this baby. 11 weeks to go!

Next week Ryan and I are headed to California to visit my grandma. This will be the first "real" vacation we have taken since our honeymoon. "Real" meaning that we are going just for fun, not because it is a holiday, and we don't have to drive! Plus, Idaho and Utah really don't count as vacation destinations to me. We are excited to do some sightseeing and relaxing, and visit with family and enjoy the sunshine!

By the way, I really need some good books to read (preferably something I can pick up at the library) so if you have any suggestions for me, let me know!

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pbidaho said...

Book suggestions, in general (not about babies): Anne Perry - writes Victorian murder mysteries, start with the Cater Street Hangman. Anything by Anita Stansfield, or Betsy Brannon Green or Dean Hughes. I also like John Grisham. It depends on your taste in reading. Everyone is reading the Twilight series too. Shannon Hale's Book of A Thousand Days. The 3-part series (first book is Almost Sisters) by Nancy Anderson, Lael Littke and Carroll Hofeling Morris is good too. And A Tale of Desperaux - the mouse story by the author of the one book that you have. Oh, so many books and so little time! Love, Mom B.