Sunday, May 24, 2009

Baby Pictures

I don't really post on here very often but I wanted to put up some baby pictures of myself and Heather and compare them to pictures of Nathan.  Let us know who you think he looks like!

Me and my Grandpa

Nathan with the same kind of look on his face.  
This is not a very good picture of Nathan doing the look but sometimes he has nearly the exact same look as me.

We think Nathan has Heather's lips.

We think he has my nose.

Heather smiling.

Nathan smiling.

A couple of older baby pictures of me and Heather


pbidaho said...

Yes, I think you are getting it right - it will be interesting to see how he changes as he grows, but he seems to have the blend you have described. It sure is a cute blend!!!

Fox and Amy said...

Those are great--yep, he definitely looks like a good mixture of both of you!

AlixSteele said...

I saw the second picture on there and thought, "That looks EXACTLY like Nathan!" I was amazed until I scrolled down and saw that it WAS Nathan...then I felt sheepish.

Larissa said...

what a great combo he is of you two! It will be so fun to see how he grows and changes - every day they look different at this stage!

Kim said...

I'm glad you found my blog. Now I have yours and new material to read. I'm seriously an addict.

Your pictures are SO cute. I especially love the drunken Man ones of Nathan.