Tuesday, July 7, 2009

The Fourth and, more importantly, the Fifth

My family is visiting us the week from Washington. On the Fourth Ryan had to work but Nathan and I went up to Layton with my Mom, Dad, brother Jesse, and sister Leslie. We walked around in the sunshine while kids played on the the giant bouncy toys. That evening we had a BBQ and did fireworks. We brought Nathan out to the front yard to watch the fireworks with us and he really liked the bright lights but they started getting a little too loud so we had to watch from inside.

Happy 4th of July!

Watching the fireworks with Daddy

Hey! Get your own flag! This one's mine!

On Sunday, the fifth, Nathan was blessed in sacrament meeting. Ryan gave him a very sweet blessing. I was really nervous that he would cry, but he was really good and quiet. I told him that he was NOT allowed to spit up or poop on his blessing outfit. Instead, he spit up all over me (in my hair, on my shoulder, on my butt) so I smelled horrible on top of being nervous. Anyway, it was a lovely day and it was so special to be able to celebrate our precious little man. We are so grateful to everyone who came to help us celebrate.

Happy to be blessed!

The men who participated in Nathan's blessing (minus our bishop)

Nathan has so many examples of great Priesthood holders in his life!

He knows a lot of nice girls too!

Our happy little family

My beautiful baby boy


Tia Langston said...

Very exciting! And his blessing outfit looks perfect! I'm sure he'll appreciate it when he's older. :o)

The Loosle's said...

Congrats, that is a wonderful day...when you get to bless you sweet little boy! His outfit is way cute...I am a little jealous!

Sarah said...

what I want to know is, how did he spit up on your butt?

Ryan and Heather Bartron said...

Sarah, I put him up on my shoulder after he ate and he spit up on my shoulder and down my back and since my butt protrudes, it landed on my backside!

Beck said...

Cute blessing outfit. :) Leo was only a week old, so his blessing outfit made him look like MC Hammer. :) Haha. Can't believe how big he's gotten already.

Luke and Kimmy said...

Blessing days are so special. His outfit is adorable and I love how cute and chubby he is.