Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Okay, so I think Nathan might be teething, but I'm really not sure since I've never done this before. Here are his symptoms, tell me what you think and what I should do!

He chews on his fingers all the time

He's droolier. Not excessively drooly, but droolier than usual

He's cranky

He's not sleeping well

Is he teething or am I just jumping to conclusions? All I know is that my baby has not been himself lately!

Also, I know that babies usually get their front teeth first, but Nathan seems to be experiencing discomfort on the right side of his mouth. Is this common?



kristie said...

Does he have a temperature? My daughter always got a temperature when she was teething, and all kids are different so if he's teething it doesn't mean he will get his front teeth first. It sounds like he is teething, but look it up online (do you have the "What to Expect the First Year" book? It's super helpful!). Don't worry though, just give him a frozen teether ring, or some orajel and see if that helps.

The Loosle's said...

From about 4 months on Campbell seemed to be in almost a constant state of teething.
It sounds like Nathan is teething, take a good look in his mouth and see if any areas of his gums seem whiter , or more puffy than the rest. I could almost see the teeth behind the gums sometimes.
Good Luck!
If he is not sleeping maybe your big boy is going through a growth spurt and is hungry?
Try the Oragel and just see if that helps?

Ryan and Heather Bartron said...

A growth spurt crossed my mind but for the sake of my back and arms, I'm trying not to think about it!

He hasn't had a fever yet, and yes, his gums seem whiter and a little swollen on the right side towards the back.

Here we go . . .

Julie said...

How fun to be in the thick of it! Sure sounds like he is teething, but it shouldn't be in the back... good luck problem solvin!

And yes, teething takes forever, you are in for the long haul... I like ibuprofen when the crankiness to too much to handle.

As for not sleeping well, is Nathan learning anything new? rolling over? Sometimes new activities cause poor sleep...their little minds digesting the day. Cooper still sleeps poorly when he is learning something new.

Beck said...

Ethnie started teething at 3 months and got her first 2 teeth by 5 1/2 months. Leo started teething at 2 months...and we're still waiting for those teeth. But yes. It does sound like teething..at least the way my kids have done it. :)

~The Singletons~ said...

yup sounds like it's starting for sure! It lasts for awhile so get used to it, use lots of baby orajel...it works wonders!

Larissa said...

Probably, but the thing is - they can be teething for MONTHS! So even though he starts now he may not get a tooth until 6 -7 months or later! Hylands Natural teething tablets were nice to use...