Monday, May 31, 2010

May Projects

May came and went way too fast, but I did manage to sneak a few quick projects in this month.

I know this is thrilling and you’re all gonna want to jump up and make one of your own. It’s (drum roll) a scrabble bag! The little bag that came with our board game ripped so I made this one to replace it. Impressive, I know.


For Nathan’s birthday we got him a bike trailer so we can go on family bike rides (hopefully this summer). I also love it because it doubles as a jogging stroller. The only problem is that Nathan is a leaner. Always has been. He just always seems to lean to the right when he sits in this thing and the straps really rub his neck. So I made these nifty little neck protectors. Not great pictures, I know.



Don’t ask me how I made them, I don’t remember. It was a make it up as you go project and I’m lucky the finished product didn’t turn out as something completely different. I can tell you this: my Infantino sling was recently recalled so after I sent in a piece of it to prove I needed a replacement, I spent many hours with my seam ripper tearing it apart and I saved all the pieces. This is just the first of many projects  to have a little piece of the sling.


My favorite project this month was a last minute one that I should have done years ago. I bought this home sign (you can see it hanging on the wall) years ago and it’s been hanging white and boring on my living room wall ever since. I finally took the plunge and painted it midnight blue. Then I sanded the edges to give it a nice antiqued look. I love it! Now I just have to find some cute things so hang from it.



Pink Panda said...

I love the scrabble bag and the new sign! A coat of paint does wonders for some things! I should look around my house and see what I have that is white!

pbidaho said...

Love that sign painted blue now! I never knew you could sew so creatively and wonderfully! Good job! Keep sharing!

AlixSteele said...

You're so inspiring. I have so many projects I haven't touched in months. I love the blue sign too. I miss you.

Beck said...

You're so crafty!

~The Singletons~ said...

AH!! I'm so jealous of the bike trailer! I was looking to get one, but still havent gotten there yet!

Janey said...

You are so creative and clever! I am so proud of you. I better get some of my projects done.