Sunday, October 3, 2010

18 Months Old

My baby boy turned 18 months old this weekend! I always say “I can’t believe it!” but this time, I do. He’s gotten so grown up lately, if someone told me he was actually a thirteen-year-old in a toddler body, I would believe it.

Photo courtesy of cg photography

Here are 18 fun facts about Nathan:

1. Nathan has 7 teeth- 5 visible, and 2 that just broke through.

2. Nathan has quite the head of wavy hair. We’re not sure who he got it from!

3. Nathan LOVES cars. He drives them all over the house. We’ve always called them cars, but for some reason he refers to them all as “trucks” or “gucks”.

4. Nathan is always jabbering about something. We’re starting to get better at understanding him- or maybe he is just getting better at communicating with us. He’s started saying phrases and short sentences, including:

I see you!

I got it!

Where are you?

I don’t know!

Stinky? No! (this is a game he likes to play. He pretends he needs his diaper changed, then laughs.)

5. Nathan still loves his binky. We’re working on it but I just can’t help but give in when I hear him wandering around the house saying, “Binky. . . binky. . .  where are you?”

6. Nathan has started to realize when he is being funny, and he’s milking it for all it’s worth! He loves to make silly faces and crack us up.

7. Nathan is never still. Never.

8. Nathan loves to eat popsicles and I often find him standing in the kitchen begging me to open the freezer.

9. For the most part, Nathan has very nice manners. He’s very serious about wiping his mouth when he eats.

10. Every night when it’s time for bed, Nathan walks around the house and says “bye-bye” to everything. The microwave, the couch, the TV, his toys, the bathroom . . .

11. Nathan loves to look at pictures of people and animals. He always points out their eyes.

12. Nathan loves to count, but he can only count to 2 so I often hear him wandering around, pointing to things and saying, “one, two, one, two, one, two”.

13. Nathan’s favorite foods include: peas, popcorn (he gets really excited when the microwave is on), string cheese,

14. Nathan loves to be outside. He is constantly begging to play in the sandbox or go for a ride in his stroller.

15. Nathan is learning to use electronics. He’s just not sure exactly where they should go. He puts the camera to his forehead and shouts, “cheese” and puts the phone to the back of his head to say “hello”.

16. Nathan has learned so many new words. Just a few are: Jesus, shh! kitty, stinky, all done, cheese, hello

17. Nathan really likes to watch videos. He especially likes Toy Story and any movie featuring himself.

18. Last of all, Nathan is still an awesome dancer!



This sweet boy celebrated his special day with his first ice cream cone. Yum!


pbidaho said...

How precious! He just keeps getting more and more fun!

Pink Panda said...

I love this post, Heather! Love your blog design and colors as well! What a cute boy! Time for nursery at Church, right? Love it!

AlixSteele said...

That first picture is beautiful. Did you take it yourself? I can't believe he's saying sentences! Hannah didn't say any sentences untill she was almost two. And now she's asking for an ice cream cone. Thanks.