Friday, October 8, 2010

Portland Children’s Museum

Yesterday, some friends of ours invited Nathan and me to go to the Portland Children’s Museum with them. We said yes, of course, because this sure beat our plans for the day which included sitting at home and doing nothing.

The museum is almost two hours away but thankfully the kids were great in the car and Christy and I got to sit and chat for TWO FULL HOURS on the way.

When we got to the museum we had a yummy lunch at a cute little picnic table.


Nathan tried to sit still and eat his sandwich, but there was a lot to see.

We found some fish and Nathan was so excited.


(yes, this is a picture of Nathan pounding on the glass with his fist)




He also had fun climbing, sliding, and jumping.




(Playing peek-a-boo)

Then Nathan found the water, and he was in heaven!


Nathan and Miss L splashed away next to each other. Too bad they are still too young to really care about playing together.

Things got even better when we headed into the Vroom Room!


(Nathan pointing at the car and saying “guck!” Every vehicle is a truck.)


Driving the bus


These two are headed out on a date, I think.


Nathan was really excited about the dig pit and I was really excited to finally get a picture of Nathan looking at the camera!

We saved the Water Works exhibit for last, for obvious reasons. Actually, with his funny little smock on, Nathan stayed pretty dry. It also helped, I think, that a lot of the water was a little too high for him to reach.

Still, he had fun splashing and looking at all the fountains and squirting water.


Even though the little ones were pretty cranky on the way home and I learned that Nathan really doesn’t know how to share yet, we had a fun day.


pbidaho said...

Oh, so cute and so much fun! He loves to be active doesn't he? We need to start looking for fun things to do here at Christmas.

Melinda said...

Looks like fun! It is a sad day when you figure out they can't share yet huh? hahaha Just kidding!

AlixSteele said...

How fun! I love how big Nathan is getting.He's such a little man. I want to hear how the first day of nursery went. And I don't know if I've told you this yet, but Hannah asks where Nathan is ALL THE TIME. He made quite an impression on her.