Wednesday, November 2, 2011


We had a pretty low key Halloween this year because I only just started to feel better a week or so ago and before that, I really didn’t care.

The night before Halloween we went down to my parents house for Dinner in a Pumpkin. I brought pumpkin rolls and a special treat for my mom:


She screamed when she saw these. I think she may have called me a mean name too, but I’m not sure because I was too busy giggling.

We all dressed up for dinner, which of course, made it more fun.


Mom and Dad as Spaniards.


I went as Miss Hillary Manderfield and Ryan was Rance, my handyman. I may or may not be carrying his child.

Leslie and Jesse dressed up too, but I didn’t get pictures. Nathan only decided to put on his pirate costume when it was almost time to go. He wasn’t feeling very cooperative.


On Halloween, we ate homemade pizza with blood and bones for dinner.


We had been telling Nathan all day that he got to go Trick or Treating but he’d never done it before so it took some convincing to get him to put his costume on.

He was a little bummed about it at first,


but then his baby dressed up too, and he was suddenly more willing.




The red boots were all his idea, even though they’re too big and he has to shuffle along in them.


We thought we’d just go to a few houses of people we know on the street (the bishop, his nursery teacher) but it took a few houses for him to get into it and he was having so much fun that we kept going. He didn’t want any help from us. He knocked on every door and said “Trick or Treat” (sometimes before the door was opened) and always said, “Thank you.” He got a little nervous about a few scary costumes we saw but by the time we got home he was talking about all the funny faces we saw. When we told him we were going to his nursery teachers door (she lives across the street) he didn’t believe us, but after we left he suddenly said, “Hey! My teacher!” like he finally realized we weren’t lying to him. He really got into everything when someone gave him a sucker. I don’t think he recognized all the candy bars (and hopefully won’t notice as I slowly sneak them away and eat them).

As we headed home, he exclaimed “Nathan is happy!” then pointed to me and Ryan and said, “You happy too?”

I told him he could eat a piece of candy when we got home and he went straight for that sucker!


Nathan was such a cute pirate and had so much fun he even wanted to take a bath in his costume that night!



Pink Panda said...

So fun!!!

Larissa said...

Love the pics - I bet you are so happy to be able to live close to your parenst to share in the holidays! And I know they love having their grandkid nearby!