Monday, November 14, 2011

We’ve been doing some fun things!

Even though we’ve been crazy busy with moving in, we’ve managed to do a few fun things while we’ve been here in Washington.

The weekend we moved, we already had plans to meet Ryan’s sister, Janelle, and her husband, Dan. They were visiting Portland (from Arizona) and had planned to drive down to Springfield to see us. Instead, they drove up and we met at Point Defiance Park in Tacoma. We had a picnic lunch and fed the ducks and walked through the rose gardens.

Of course, my camera died right after we got there so I stole most of these pictures from Janelle.


We tried to take a family picture in the rose gardens.


Yeah right!


I wanted to take Nathan to the pumpkin farm to get pumpkins so we went with my mom and Uncle Jesse to Shultz farm, where I used to go when I was little.


He had way more fun that it looks here. He just likes to take everything in.


This little kitchen was Nathan’s very favorite part. He didn’t want to leave. He would have cooked us pumpkins all day if we let him.


I love how they look like they’re deep in conversation.



We were lucky to have Jesse there to push the wheelbarrow with all the pumpkins AND Nathan in it.



We took our pumpkins home and painted them while enjoying pumpkin chocolate chip cookies.


As you can see, Nathan REALLY enjoyed the cookies.


Ta DA! (Lisa, do you remember making those milk jug skeletons?)


I had fun making these cute pumpkins too!


Last weekend, Auburn had it’s annual Veteran’s Day Parade and apparently, it’s a pretty big deal. We live right downtown so we couldn’t pass up going when we only had to walk down the street.


My dad and Ryan took a break from painting the garage to join us. The smoke smell is totally gone, by the way.



IMG_2586Nathan loved the motorcycles. It’s a good thing, because there were a ton of them!




Thank you Veterans!

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AlixSteele said...

I love the pictures at Point Defiance. It's so fun to think that we got our senior pictures taken there like 8 years ago. Where does the time go? Ben is the same as Nathan in that he just takes everything in and looks so serious all the time. I really think those boys are going to be good friends.