Saturday, November 3, 2012

6 Months

Emma is 6 months old now and so, so fun.


She still doesn’t really like baby food, but she is starting to eat some table foods like bananas and those little puff cereal pieces that melt in the mouth. We might just skip baby food at this point!


No one can make Emma laugh like Nathan and he loves to do it!


Emma sleeps good and eats good and is getting rollier every day.



No teeth, but I think she’s working on it.


She’s also not mobile in any way yet. I’m perfectly fine with that. Nathan didn’t crawl until after he was 10 months old.


Emma loves anything crinkly or made of paper. She’d be happy if I let her play with trash all day. I can’t say I never entertain her with an empty fruit snack wrapper.


Emma is just an all around happy, sweet and content baby and we love her to bits!




I don’t ever think to ask this, because to me she just looks like Emma, but who do YOU think she looks like?



trishaz said...

Emma on her belly with the striped shirt on.....and her hair looks a bit red.....looks a lot like Ryan to me...but then I might be hoping for red hair..Cute! So happy! She is adorable! Have to get you all down here to see us!!

Melinda said...

She looks like Nathan to me. ;) I think both of your kids are a good mix of you two!

Liz Wilcken said...

Emma actually reminds me a lot of my sister's baby who's now 4 years old. It's crazy. :) And if Emma loves crinkly sounds, my MIL takes the plasticy paper lining from cereal boxes, then sews scrap cloth around it, to turn it into a square crinkly toy. :) Very cheap, and keeps them happy.